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Mars Air Curtains
Whispurr Series
Capacity: Maximum 1800 FPM @ discharge nozzle
Size: 36” to 72” door widths and up to 7' door heights

Windguard Series
Capacity: 4500 to 6000 FPM @ discharge nozzle
Size: 96” to 192” door widths and 10'-22' door heights

C, CH, CHS Series
Capacity: 1700 to 4000 FPM @ discharge nozzle
Size: 36” to 96” door widths and 8'-12' door heights

Standard, HV, EP Series
Capacity: 2000 to 6000 FPM @ discharge nozzle
Size: 36” to 144” door widths and 8'-16' door heights

Service Window W-25 Series
Capacity: Maximum 1900 FPM @ discharge nozzle
Size: 25” width and up to 5' window height
Use: For drive through windows

Commercial application such as customer entrance doors in retail stores, restaurants, office etc.
Suitable for climate and insect control for entrances of office buildings, supermarkets, receiving doors, hospitals, etc.
High capacity making it suitable for food processing plants, supermarkets, commissaries, loading docks, hospitals, etc.
For industrial applications such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, transportation terminals, and food processing plants.

Hepac Air Curtain
Capacity: Maximum 2175 FPM @ discharge nozzle
Size: 40” door width and up to 8' door height

Features H.E.P.A. (high efficiency particulate air) filters. Making it suitable for medical and pharmaceutical facilities, laboratories, hospital operating rooms, clean rooms, etc.
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