Company Overview
Niagara is also proud to be the first Philippine fan company to be ISO Certified. The ISO Certification helps Niagara continuously improve its working processes for better customer satisfaction.
With our AMCA Certified fans guaranteed to deliver its stated capacity, our ISO certified quality management system committed to customer satisfaction and our wide product range and fan making experience, Niagara is virtually your one stop shop for all your air moving needs.
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Niagara is a member of the Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc. (AMCA), a world wide association of fan manufacturers.

Our fans have passed air performance testing at the AMCA laboratory located in USA and are licensed to bear the AMCA seal for Certified Ratings . The AMCA standard for testing fan performance is recognized by the American National Standard Association (ANSI) and International Standard Organization (ISO).

Niagara has a wide range of ventilation products which are suitable for various applications ranging from general ventilation, kitchen exhaust system and building ventilation requirements; to various industrial processes like dust collection, painting booth exhaust, fans for ovens, high pressure blower for combustion air, for burner systems and even fans suitable for corrosive applications.

When you choose a Niagara fan, you can be assured that Niagara does it utmost to deliver to you product that has been quality checked for its performance and durability for customer satisfaction.
Niagara Fan installed with dust collector
Axial Fan
Centrifugal Fan
Niagara Industrial Equipment Corporation is a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial fans & blower in the Philippines. Founded in 1968, Niagara has more than 30 years of experience in making quality fans and blowers.
Radial Fan