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Niagara has worked with Matthews & Yates since 1996 to provide quality adjustable pitch axial fans in the Philippines. Some of our projects includes:

Mathews & Yates Exhibition Booth

Matthews and Yates, International (M&Y), based in Colchester, UK has a tradition of fan engineering going back to 1882.

M&Y is well known for its adjustable pitch aluminum airfoil axial fans which it has been supplying world wide for road and mining tunnels, subways and airports projects.

Bifurcated Fans
Jet Tunnel Fans
- Ayala-Pasay Road Tunnel
- LRT Line 2
- NAIA Terminal 2
- Asian Hospital & Medical Center
M&Y Adjustable Pitch Axial Fans
High Temperature Fan
Mathews & Yates also offer a wide range of high temperature/fire rated axial fans. Fans can be rated up to 400 degrees celcius at 2 hours. Typical application is for smoke exhaust systems.
- Heathrow International Airport (England)
- Buckingham Palace (England)
- Blackwell tunnel (England)
- Leopold II Tunnel (England)
- Pierre Pertius Tunnel (Brussels, Belgium)
- Metro Railway (Singapore)
- Cheung Ching Tuinnel (Hong Kong)
- Taipei Railway & Pan Chau-Wan Pan Subway (Taiwan)
- Lorong Kuda Tunnel (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Partial list of tunnels where in Mathews & Yates fans are installed: